Thursday, February 25, 2016


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Ron Fournier: My Love-Hate Relationship With Donald Trump  . . . "I hate how he exploits the media’s lust for ratings and clicks, trading access for softball questions. I hate how almost every interview is an autopsy of the horserace rather than a test of his mettle. I hate how he bullies opponents and plays footsie with the truth. God, I hate how he lies." . .    Via Lucianne
I’m having trouble expressing my disdain for Trump without appearing to cast aspersions upon his supporters, or to be a defender of the establishment. So let me be clear. I loathe him. I respect his supporters. And I hope that after Trump is finished grinding the gears of the political machine in 2016 Americans find a better vehicle for change.
UPDATE: Trump threatens owners of Chicago Cubs  "Earlier this month, Donald Trump called for a boycott of Apple products if Apple didn’t unlock a terrorist phone for the feds, even though the case is in the courts.
"I made this comment at the time:     
What, me worry about him in control of the IRS, FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, EPA, and Park Police?
"Senator Ben Sasse made a similar comment on Twitter yesterday, after Trump threatened the owners of the Chicago Cubs for spending money against him in the campaign:" . . .

With GOP nomination looming, Trump is slated to take witness stand in fraud trial   . . . "This spring, just as the GOP nomination battle enters its final phase, frontrunner Donald Trump could be forced to take time out for some unwanted personal business: He’s due to take the witness stand in a federal courtroom in San Diego, where he is being accused of running a financial fraud."
This must go back to when Trump was a Democrat. He can always run as a Democrat and be admired as Hillary and Bill still are.
"In court filings last Friday, lawyers for both sides in a long-running civil lawsuit over the now defunct Trump University named Trump on their witness lists. " . . .
Trump is accused of financially threatening woman during secret deposition  . . . "The accusation was made in a motion by the woman . . .  to withdraw as lead plaintiff, asserting she has been “put through the wringer” by Trump and his lawyers and forced to “suffer daily with the fear that she could be bankrupted by Trump.”

William Kristol: Against Trump Fatalism  . . . "And this is all before further debates, before any sustained television advertising assault on Trump, while the other candidates are still (foolishly) sniping at each other instead of taking on Trump. And in a circumstance where the frontrunner has unusual vulnerabilities." . . .

NRO: Trump Is Not Leading a Conservative Revolt  . . . "But it should be obvious at this point that Cruz and Trump are tapping into very different sources of voter energy, and Trump’s source — a decidedly non-conservative populist movement — is far more potent and dangerous." . . 

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