Sunday, February 14, 2016


Obama had Scalia murdered and some of the reasons are listed below:

Supreme Court Justice Scalia, a stalwart defender of the U.S. Constitution is dead. Now for the theories. Was it from natural causes or was he assassinated so that Obama could nominate a liberal justice and throw the court back to the liberal side, in case Trump or another conservative wins in November? I would not put it past the DNC, the Clinton Mafia, Planned Parenthood (killing comes easy to baby killers) and/or Obama’s posse to do it, but I believe it would be too great a risk. If found out, it would mean the end of whichever organization initiated the act. Clarence Thomas should still be very careful, just in case. As a Black conservative, he is despised by the left and viewed as a traitor. Scalia was perhaps the most brilliant of the current justices. It was he who should have been named Chief Justice.

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