Sunday, February 21, 2016


The KORAN In The Toilet Incident: What Should We Do?

This is serious business and the police are on the case!

Student Arrested in Koran-in-Toilet Incidents at Pace U.

A 23-year-old man just a few credits short of a degree from Pace University was arrested on Friday for allegedly desecrating the Koran by throwing copies of the Muslim scripture into toilets at the university’s Manhattan campus last fall, the New York Daily News reported.

The man, Stanislav Shmulevich, was detained after New York police officers found him on a surveillance photograph leaving a room where the holy books are kept. Mr. Shmulevich, a Ukrainian immigrant who works at a European banking firm and who a roommate says took “a break” from his Pace studies, will face hate-crime charges for criminal mischief and aggravated harassment when he is arraigned. —Andrew Mytelka

The Article And Comments

What should we Infidels do about this serious crime against our good friends of 9/11, the Allah Loving Peaceful Muslims?

One reaction would be to supply the young man charged with the best attorney that money can buy to fight this injustice all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court as a gross violation of his civil rights under the First Amendment.

The second reaction would be buy a copy of the KORAN from the nearest second hand book store for the usual asking price of about 50 cents in order that a supply of cheap toilet paper be provided for yourself, friends and guests. A series of photo opporunities would be created as well and the results posted on the Internet. When the outrage and hatred start from the Muslim Sand Flea sectors, the always offended Muslims can be informed that this is simply an illustration of the rights of Americans under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution.

If the more legal minded of the Muslim Community want to make a complaint under the highly controversial and likely illegal "Hate Speech Laws" they are free to do so, however, the police often have higher priorities in law enforcement, such as finding Muslim terrorists before they blow up innocent women and children and thus may be slow to respond...if at all.

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mainestategop said...

That article is from 2007. Stanislav did not get the help he needed. He made a plea deal to get disorderly conduct and do 300 hours community service which is bullshit. There should have been a lawsuit, there should have been retaliation against the muslim community and we should tell Mayor Mike the self hating Kike Bloomberg and Abe Foxman along with the NYPD where to go stick it.