Wednesday, March 02, 2016


In a report released last month about conditions in the Jungle, Chief Scoggins and his team said they had found blight, misery and filth beyond anything they had imagined. They described hearing tales from residents of heroin addiction and trafficking, depravity and sexual violence that never make it onto police blotters.

“The human waste, the solid waste, the drugs, the tents — even when you have areas of poverty around the world, you don’t see it all in one place,” Chief Scoggins said.

I have lived in Seattle since 2011 and it's a beautiful and wealthy city that is heading towards Detroit style destruction due to years of Democrap Party control, which allows the bums (a.k.a. Homeless) to camp out anywhere they desire: sidewalks, parks and underpasses. The Obamaville Jungle is simply a preview to what the entire city will look like in a few years if we fail to drive out the traitors in City Hall.

The sprawling encampment under a highway, known as the Jungle, has become harder for Seattle residents to ignore as conditions deteriorate.

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