Monday, March 28, 2016


Emory's response to pro-Trump messages shows that the college campus is now a one-party surveillance state.


Joe Blow said...

In 1944, 18 year old Americans stormed the beaches at Normandy, facing almost certain death, to free Europe from the Nazis. In 2016, 18 year old Americans fainted, wept and demanded total political censorship at the amazing offense of someone writing Trump for President" in chalk on a college campus sidewalk. Pussies.

Ronald Barbour said...

....and what was in my mind so ironic about this incident is that it's very likely a false flag incident that was done by the very people who are protesting.

Joe Blow said...

Crossed my mind as well. The left is constantly being caught at that, from shooting up their own local offices to this sort of thing.

But the students having a hissy fit over someone supporting a candidate for president? Absolutely ridiculous. They should be told to shut up, go back to class or drop out.