Saturday, March 12, 2016


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Fellow Freedom Fighters of The World, it looks like another Ronbo, “I told you so!”


My prediction of violent revolution, civil war, insurrection, or whatever the historians of the future will call it seems to be brewing in the Tea Pot.

Breitbart news – who has kept an eagle’s eye of the movements of the Leftards is reporting that yesterday’s near riot in Chicago that was designed to silence Trump is just their opening salvo against the growing anger and political success by the patriotic Right.

Details here:

Also, remember what else I said about how the violent revolution – (America has been in a pre-revolutionary/political revolutionary state since 2009 and the foundation of the revolutionary Tea Party Movement that flies the Gadsden Flag of the American Revolution of 1775) – there would be a period of steadily rising level of violence in the streets combined with oppression from the Obama Regime that is designed to keep the reactionary socialists in power by means of fear, terrorism and illegal arrests of patriots.

The events in Chicago are a major escalation in the political revolution that can only lead to pitched battles in the streets.

The dogs of war, heh?

…and guess who has the role of Leftard field commander?

Bill Ayers.

Yes, he’s baaaaccck!

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