Tuesday, March 15, 2016


In a rare burst of honest George Soros says his plan to trap Trump is a success and will continue to be on track:

How the Republican Plan to Trap Trump Has Backfired.

To begin with, what happened in Chicago wasn’t a “Republican Plan”. It was planned by me with help from my Democrat friends.

The plan was hatched in Sea Island Georgia. Anti-Trump power structure in attendance, as well as representatives of Hillary camp.

Trillions at stake here. Trump must not be allowed to assume Presidency.

Chicago. Rahm Emmanuel. Hillary. Obama. Soros and others with no names but lots to lose. Fox News, CNN, Move-on.org. BLM, tools to be used.

No Hillary signs at rally. Only Bernie. Violence instigated. Bernie supporters blamed. Trump urging supporters to defend themselves morphed into narrative of incitement, by the three amigos in planned post-rally commentary.

Hillary gets to say the same about Bernie.

Bernie becomes the patsy.

If there’s violence against Trump, then Bernie camp gets blamed. Easy to sweep under rug by President Hillary. Fox News continues narrative against Trump, CNN continues narrative against Bernie. Trump can now be eliminated with meme in place.

My plan did not fail in Chicago, nor will it nationally in 2016. 

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