Saturday, March 05, 2016


If I were President, I'd tell congress that they either pass a budget or I'd shut the mother down. Period. I'd use the gold of Ft Knox and the Fed to pay the troops and federal cops but that was it. No payday for Congress. No pay for their minions. I'd close down the White House and move into an apartment on a military base. Congress would stay in session until it did pass a budget that would survive my scrutiny.

I'd also create a branch of the FBI whose sole function would be as an ethics watchdog over congress. I want congress to be so afraid of that unit that they would not accept a Happy Meal from a lobbyist.

All legislation coming to me for signature or veto must have a list, by name, of the House and Senate members who voted for or against it, or did not vote. No law can be passed without the entire text of said law read aloud to ALL members of congress and then debated openly. Only the Black Budget would be behind closed doors, and maybe not even that. Voting for a bill is a permanent record that you have read and understand the bill. If you later say you didn't know what was in the bill (Pelosi), you'd be impeached.

No foreign military intervention without a vote of congress. The use of troops or aircraft in combat would require a declaration of war. Make congress do their fucking jobs again, openly, with their names attached.

Then I'd push for an immediate constitutional amendment limiting the terms of congress to two terms, just like mine.

I would veto any legislation that gives unelected bureaucrats any power over the People. I'd reign in the EPA, Fed, etc until congress had to pass actual bills stating the rules for these agencies. Anything that even smells like a law must be passed by congress or it is null and void. No more coal rulings from the EPA. Congress and my veto pen will set the limits the EPA can enforce. No more secret Justice Department programs like "gunwalker". Congress must approve, by vote, any such programs so if they go wrong, those who voted for them may be held accountable.

No more hiding behind anonymous votes and unelected bureaucrats at federal agencies.

And I'd declare the gun control acts of 1934, 1968, the Brady Act, and all laws on the restriction of ammunition and private sales except to felons, aliens or the crazy, to be unconstitutional and order the federal agencies not to enforce it.

I'd return the country to the Old Constitution and make everyone in the federal government answerable to the People. Especially me.

Then I'd pardon Ronbo. *;) winking

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Joe Blow said...

And I'd make Ronbo head of the secret service.