Thursday, March 17, 2016


My good friend, Robert Tracinski  - The Highly Intelligent Ayn Rand Philosopher/Journalist/Republican assumes we stupid little people Trump supporters don't really know The Donald and this lack of knowledge is the only reason we support him. This is wrong - we do know Donald Trump inside and out - he's been on television for the last 30 years nonstop! Yes, we know he's an ego freak, vain, ruthless, highly ambitious and plays hardball. Yes, he may be a sociopath - a man who is kind, generous. loyal and loving to family, friends and nation - but absolutely merciless to his domestic opponents and (hopefully) to America's enemies. Yes, we have heard the stories that if you cross Trump, you have made a enemy for life and we believe them. Yes, The Donald is a mean and ruthless SOB with as many business failures under his belt as successes...But so what? We admire his grit, determination and drive...The man takes a licking and keeps on ticking! Three bankruptcies...or four had The Donald? Who cares? We are all maxed out on our personal credit cards!

Whatever the truth about Trump's personality defects and character flaws, they pale to insignificance to the anger and disgust we feel against our own Republican Establishment which has become an oligarchy in close alliance with the Democrat-Communist Party. In a rare burst of honesty a member of the GOP ruling class admitted to a reporter that it was the Republican oligarchs who have always selected the Republican presidential nominee and not the GOP voters in the primaries. I daresay after hearing this statement from a leading oligarch yesterday, the rank and file Republican voter of today hates his party leadership more the he ever thought possible.

My good friend Robert The Wise overlooks the decades of the heavy handed Republican Party oligarchy rule that in my lifetime has produced only one patriot-populist-nationalist-conservative president, Ronald Reagan, who they successfully black balled in 1976 at the Republican Convention and unsuccessfully failed to remove from the ballot in 1980. Yes, there have been a number of oligarchy Republican presidents since 1952, but they were elected because they lied to their voter base, and when in office bowed to the orders of the oligarchy.

Therefore, we rank & file Republicans doubt very much that the current opposition to Trump from the GOP leadership has anything to do with the "moral high ground" or "conservative intellectual ideology" but it has everything to do with potentially losing money and position to upstart non-professional politicians like Trump. The Republican oligarchy are not nice people and their flagship publication "National Review" that unsuccessfully attacked Trump has now turned its big guns on the little guy Republican voter and characterized him as white trash.

My good friend Robert The Intellectual laments that the Republican Party civil war between the Fat Cats and Little People is not the stuff of a free constitutional republic. I would point out the salient fact he misses that is evident right before his face - THE REPUBLIC IS DEAD! The republic died of a long disease of Progressivism (socialism) that began under President Teddy Roosevelt in 1901 and was institutionalized by Progressive Democrat President Woodrow Wilson in 1913. This disease of Progressivism - like cancer - didn't kill the patient outright, but certainly by the time Obama became president in 2009 and began to rule as titular head of Democrat/Republican oligarchy the American Republic died.

What we have today in America is a highly centralized European style socialist republic (empire?)that only pays lip service to the U.S. Constitution with a dictator selected by the oligarchy as its president.

Then comes Trump on the shoulders of what I'm certain future historians will call "The Second American Revolution" that seems destined to overthrow the governmental arrangements in America going back over 100 years. The oligarchs still do not understand that Trump did not create the current insurrection, the rebels grabbed him as their titular spokesman and leader. In short, Trump did not create the revolution, the revolution created him. The efforts of the oligarchy and their Propaganda Ministry to kill the support enjoyed by Trump is doomed to failure for the simple reason neither the oligarchy or the Media intentional created the revolution - that which you didn't create, you cannot destroy - and the leader of the revolution is the leader until the rebels decide he isn't.

Quo Vadis, America: Do we return to the constitutional free republic of yesteryear, or do we become a later day Roman Empire complete with a president-emperor as First Citizen? My patriotic heart tells me this is possible. My reason and fact based mind tells the rule of the Caesars comes once again to the Western World.

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