Monday, April 25, 2016


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RUSH: The key to understanding this, folks, in my humble estimation, is that it's not about right versus wrong anymore.  It can't be or we wouldn't be losing these things. Right versus wrong, the left has been clever in eliminating that, right versus wrong, as a determinant in behavior.  And what it's been replaced by is us versus them.  Us versus them.  And the "us" are the oppressed, grievance-filled minorities who feel like they have been denied liberty, freedom, whatever they think they've been denied by these evil majorities.  We are the villain.  And that's the battle now. 

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Joe Blow said...

All I know is that I stand outside the ladies' room whenever my adult daughters, girlfriend or minor nieces are inside. If some man claiming to identify as a woman tries to get into that bathroom, one of us is going to get a terrible ass-whipping and you'll see it on the news. He can be as trans or as gay as he wants to be, until he tries to do it when my femme family members are in the ladies' room. Then there will be blood.