Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Trump will win today in New York - all the polls show him leading - and I predict he wins the Republican nomination. I must say my hat is off to this man - he has played The Ruling Traitor Class with the same sort of genius that Mozart used to create his great music. Of course, the Tea Party Revolution laid the groundwork for the Trump Surge in the election of 2016 - that predict will go down in the history books as a classic of political gamesmanship - however, the TPR lacked one important element and that was leadership. Would the first American Revolution been a success if not for the leadership of George Washington? I think not. Like him or not, Trump is leader of this 21st century revolution. So troops - our job is to fix bayonets and follow him over the top - this is just the beginning of the beginning - Valley Forge and hard fought battles are ahead. Never lose heart! Victory is ours!

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