Friday, May 20, 2016


Adam Gutierrez planned to graduate from UW and start a family. All that was shattered May 10 when he was fatally shot in Federal Way while exercising his dog — one of three white men to be killed in a 48-hour span.
The young white victim of Federal Way is likely a victim of a Hate Crime at the hands of violent racist black thugs.
Deadly attacks of this sort have happened in a number of states since 2013 to include Missouri, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Illinois. 
The name of the death sport is "The Polar Bear Hunt" and typically black racist thugs high on drugs and in a happy mood drive around at night looking for lone white victims in deserted areas to assassinate from speeding cars with guns. 
Thanks to President Obama and his racist regime - whites - especially white men - are charged with being responsible for everything wrong in the world - past and present - So is it any wonder the racists among the blacks get the idea that all whites should be murdered by them?

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