Sunday, May 29, 2016


Excellent read on the street trash that opposes Trump, and the Trump supporters - who didn't back down and leave town, THEY DOUBLED DOWN!

Excited to see The Trump Tour in San Diego yesterday, I really wasn’t expecting huge crowds as it was the start of the Memorial Day Weekend, and this is California after all.  Was I wrong!

I hopped on the San Diego Light Rail heading to downtown, expecting to see quite a few “protesters” (agitators) onboard but was presently surprised to see many Trump supporters.  There was a huge crowd of ROTC students from The Naval Academy and other universities on their way to see Trump that we picked up at the Naval Base Stop.  They’re in town for a month for their summer training at sea and had a free weekend.  As I was talking to a couple of the students on the football team from Annapolis I was thinking to myself, man, these boys are in for quite a day, as I knew we’d be rolling by the agitators in order to get to the Convention Center but I knew it would be eye-opening for them to see and for me as well.  I was also thinking what a contrast in America.  Here you have American patriots not worried about I have the right to do this, or the right to do that, like most pampered kids today, but instead recognizing as young men in society that they have a duty and an obligation to the nation.  Well-spoken, respectful, responsible, they would be seeing the complete opposite later on.


The Day in San Diego - Breitbart

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