Thursday, May 19, 2016


I'm not the only patriot who wants Congress to declare war on Saudi Arabia - AND ISLAM! Also, George W. Bush needs to be tried for TREASON! He knew the real deal about 9/11 and did a cover up for his donors, Saudi Royal Family.

In discussing the as yet to be released and highly controversial “28 pages”  of the official 9/11 report with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said: “If indeed the Saudi government participated in the terrorist acts of 9-11, then the response to that government is not a lawsuit … because what they did was an act of war. And just as the Bush administration overthrew the Taliban al-Qaeda regime in Afghanistan because of that attack, a comparable response would be warranted against the Saudis, or anybody else who did that to us.”


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Joe Blow said...

The infamous 28 pages may be nothing much. They may, in fact, be a cleverly planted red herring designed to create a stir and take attention away from other things.

28 pages which are redacted but may not contain a lot - mostly guesses and suppositions which were later discredited.

But they can be used in misdirection away from actual intelligence that the US would rather we not know. About how EU nations helped alQaeda in a backhanded manner, or maybe that Bill and Hillary Clinton were the ones being paid, not Bush.

They may be designed to hide the fact that the US had plenty of warning but failed to heed it. That the Joint intelligence Committee failed in their bipartisan duties of coordination and oversight and that Clinton failed as Commander-in-chief.

Whatever, I doubt that the 28 pages will reveal astounding news. If they would, we'd never, ever see them. If it would only embarrass Bush, Obama would have released them by now on orders of Soros. If they only implicated the Democrats, Bush would have released them, or at least Sununu would have seen they were leaked.

They will likely turn out to be much ado about nothing, or else they will not be released or will be so heavily redacted that they will make little sense.