Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Former Mexican President Threatens War With US If Trump Is Elected

After GOP nominee Donald Trump announced his plan to strengthen national security and enforce existing immigration laws, the reaction from the left was hysterical. Securing our border and deporting people who are here illegally was seen in liberal circles as racist and xenophobic because that’s just how liberals roll.

Amazingly the liberal reaction was mild compared to what Vincente Fox has said. The former president of Mexico is threatening a war with the US if “racist gringo” Trump wins the White House. This is no bullshit, he actually said Mexico will go to war with America over Trump.

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Joe Blow said...

That would be the shortest war since Desert Storm. :-)

They have no tanks, limited numbers of ATGW, 6 ancient F-5 jet fighters, no real attack helicopters (other than a few armed LOCHs), and limited artillery.

The active military forces the US has in Texas and Oklahoma alone could defeat the Mexican military in hardly any time at all. We have an armored division in Ft Hood, a crops of artillery in Ft Sill, fighters and heavy bombers at various bases, and an Air Cav Combat Brigade (attack helicopters) also at Ft Hood.

Here are the military bases in Texas:

And in Oklahoma:

We have a corps of artillery, a corps of troops, armored division, air cav brigade, fighter and bomber wings, etc etc, just in those two states. In California we have a heavy Marine Division, Army division, Naval air out the ass, fighters and bombers. All that doesn't include the units in Arizona & New Mexico. Hell, we could probably bring a few re-engineered alien space ships from Area 51 in Nevada if we had to.

As I said, a really short war.