Sunday, May 29, 2016


My prediction is that Trump wins in a landslide and as the standard bearer of the Second American Nationalist Revolution leads America into the Second U.S. Civil War as the "New Abraham Lincoln" as his reforms will not be popular with the neo-communist Democrat Party. I expect Leftist inspired political violence to begin the first year in office in steady almost daily increase that will end in formal civil war between the Right and Left. I predict that Leftist inspired political assassinations will become so wide spread by Trump's second year in office that leading Republicans will retreat to gated communities with close friends and family.

I would expect that when the level of Leftist hate speech, threat and violence reaches a certain level that ordinary Republicans and Trump supporters will begin to form militias for self defense of patriot communities - and it is to be expected that Rightists will strike with ultra violence on Leftists associated with political violence or have made threats against them.

Yes, I see clearly a very dark chapter in American history unfolding in the near future. Personally, I'm surprised it took so long to happen, as I could see it as almost inevitable in 2005 - when Bush Hate started its climb to record levels. I based my prediction of civil war on only one factor: Hate Speech by Leftists well reported in the Lamestream Media because first come the hate, threats and profanity. Then comes the violence. Then come the body bags..

The Second U.S. Civil War!?!

I hope no one thinks I'm a war lover. I wish I were wrong. However, I'm a student of history and I see many, many ominous parallels between what happened in the run up to the (First) U.S. Civil War and what is going down today - Even to the fact the opponents are once again in different pollical parties - which were the same ones in the (First) U.S. Civil War - The Democrats and the Republicans. 


and 51 days until the Republican National Convention (18-21 JUL)....


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