Friday, June 17, 2016


The latest example of something I’ve noted for years – the Progressive (Fascist) allies are all subject to the knife in the back – when they cease to be useful tools – the classic example in the Nazi-Soviet Pact of Steel – that lasted until Hitler decided to stab Stalin in the back. Thus yesterday’s “gallant ally” becomes today’s scum, which is in this case the gays, who the Progressives once pledged eternal friendship and alliance have been kicked into the gutter like trash when a more recent ally needed to be appeased – the Muslims. So beware ye pundits and supporters of Bernie Sanders The Communist! The Progressives will turn on you too and ruthlessly purge you from the Democrat Party and your positions of authority and employment. The only question is when you get the stab in the back – you see, your allies the Progressives simply love capitalism just as long as they can control it. …and ye Muslims beware as well – your day for the purge will come too! We patriots would get up and cheer – the problem is we will be long gone when that happens. You see the alliance only lasts as long as Western Civilization does, and the day it is finally dead and buried, your former allies will turn on you. Karma: what comes around goes around.

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