Wednesday, June 29, 2016


RUSH:  I thought I had adjusted to it, but I haven't.  It just makes me sick.  It depresses me.  It makes me sick all over again.  This Benghazi thing, it's so emblematic of what has happened to us as a country.  It is so enlightening as to what has happened to institutions that we need to be able to trust... To watch the media today after Gowdy and his committee went out there and they all made statements, announced the substance of their report, summary-wise, it was clear that the media is not interested in what's in the report, which doesn't surprise me.  I'm just telling you.  They don't care what's in the report.  They're characterizing the report in two ways.  They're saying, A, nothing new, and, B, Hillary had nothing to do with it.  The committee does not indict Hillary Clinton.  The committee does not lay blame at the feet of Hillary Clinton. 

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