Saturday, June 04, 2016


The Democrat Party is a criminal, racist and fascist organization complete with Storm Trooper street thugs - and the main danger to liberty in America.

...That’s pure, straight-up brownshirt fascism, folks. That’s what it looks like. The thugs always claim they’re justified because their victims are awful. Obama’s “Church of the State” politics help these mobs, and their enablers, assume the posture of righteous crusaders. Underneath the sanctimony lies the same demand totalitarian thugs always make, from fascist Europe to militant Islam: Submit, do what we demand, and you won’t get hurt. If you keep resisting, everything that happens is your fault.

No society comfortable with that argument is free. No nation where a mainstream political party’s elected officials make that argument will survive as a republic.

The Left responds by shrieking that they hear some rhetoric from the Right that reminds them of 1930s Germany, as though fascism was a matter of people saying harsh things. If we are unfortunate enough to tumble into the three-cornered hell of fascism, socialism and communism, or any other collectivist nightmare, you may rest assured it will involve a lot more than bitter words.


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