Wednesday, July 27, 2016


  • If the theories are right, the Russians did us American Nationalists a great service by releasing the DNC hacked emails at the beginning of the Democrat Convention, which documents an unholy alliance of Clinton, the DNC and elements of the Lamestream Media getting together to sink Bernie Sanders.

  • Of course, we of the opposition always theorized that such a cabal existed on the leadership levels of the Democrat Party, but now our theory has become fact complete with the smoking gun documents.

  • …and the WikiLeaks Hildabeast email dump is not over…The smart money says ALL the messages on her private server will be released just before the November election – An October surprise to beat all October surprises. “Hillary For Prison” may be reality.

  • The thing that puzzles many bloggers is the reason why the Russians – if they really are the hackers providing the emails to WikiLeaks – would want Trump elected president? The Hildabeast is predictable and Russia could play the Bitch like a master musician playing a violin – and the wouldn’t even have to pony up a penny in bribes just blackmail her.
    On the other hand, Trump as president is a stalwart Nationalist and would be highly unpredictable in foreign policy and would field a much stronger U.S. Military that may confront Russia at some point.

  • The only thing I can figure – if this theory is valid – is that the Russian leadership wants a more powerful and better led U.S. Military under strong leadership to act in alliance with Russia, as both countries face a threat from Islam.

  • Also, Putin as a Russian Nationalist may want to encourage the rise of Nationalists in other countries to take out of play the European Union, NATO and the Globalists – all of which threaten Russia – and all of which are opposed by Trump.

  • In WW II Russia and America were allies against Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and imperial Japan – and then the ideological differences between the two countries was much greater.
    Another Grand Alliance?

  • What do you think?
    • Gregoryno6 says:
    • For Putin, I imagine that dealing with Obama would be like stealing from a blind man. Eventually you look for something that offers real challenge.
    • mawm says:

    • I think Putin does not want a war with NATO as he is seriously outgunned …. he has seen bath-house Barry meddling in his back yard, and he knows that the hideous beast carries the same colours whereas Trump has already stated that the US will reduce their NATO obligations (and without the US might they will stop backing Putin into a corner). It will be a win-win.

  • @Victor:

  • You are right about Yandex, but it doesn’t account for most of my hits from Russia.
    Another thing: no comments…no spam…direct hits.

    paul scott said...

    Yes, good post.
    For my part I can not see Russia as anything but a useful ally in the future.
    The history of the Ukraine is interesting.
    I saw somewhere some weird stuff about NATO wanting to protect Poland or whatever.
    Herr Merkel and Brussels are losing Europe to the colonisers , nothing surer,
    probably Britain too.
    Yes back to the big to again to eradicate the colonisation, and the watch China .

    Ronald Barbour said...

    @Paul Scott:

    It's great that you want to chat about the articles I post, but I can't keep up with you!

    I have a suggestion:

    Crusader Rabbit was originally an Australian blog, that became a New Zealand blog and then legally immigrated to America. We have a good mix of Nationalists, Patriots and Populists from all over the Anglosphere: America, Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

    You are welcome to join - I post there on a daily basis as "Ronbo" - I can see you have the making of an excellent Crusader.