Tuesday, July 26, 2016


World War III

The run up.

art-remus-ident-04.jpg The Nato-Russia thing may be a case of dueling psyops, an orchestrated distraction, a string of poor decisions, sabre rattling for effect—or something we'll look back on as "how could they not see the war coming?" It may be we're not paranoid enough. There are some ominous things going on and, if you'll recall, the Franco-Prussian War and World War I started in late July, World War II started in September. Keep an eye. Watch Poland especially, they've been equipping citizen militias like crazy and integrating their regular forces with Germany's. If all this isn't scary enough, recently released Warsaw Pact documents reveal their opening move was nuclear strikes on European targets. Jes sayin'.

Strategic Culture - Germany Preparing for War Against Russia

Newsweek - In Europe and Russia, There’s Talk of War.

SHTF Plan - They Know What Comes Next: Russian Citizens Are “Stocking Up On Essentials In Case Of War”

Fox - Russian warplanes reportedly bombed a military base in Syria used by elite American and British forces last month.

Aviationist - Eight A-10 tankbusters have deployed to Slovakia “to demonstrate U.S. deterrence efforts against Russia”

Daily Mail - Nato must prepare for 'overnight Russian invasion of Poland' and the US must ship more missiles to the region, say experts

Foreign Policy in Focus - We May Be at a Greater Risk of Nuclear Catastrophe Than During the Cold War

Daily Bell - Is CIA Secretly backing Erdogan to Marry Islam to Russia and Create a Wider War?

National Interest - Look Out, Asia: China's Peaceful Rise is Over

Japan Times - U.S. Navy chief vows continued patrols in South China Sea

IBT - India moving 100 tanks near China border

ABC News - Iran's FM Extolls Country's Ability to Restore Nuke Program

Reuters - North Korea fires three ballistic missiles in new show of force

Military - North Korea said Wednesday it test-fired ballistic rockets as part of a simulated pre-emptive attack on ports and airfields in South Korea, in a likely reference to the three missile launches that Seoul says the North carried out a day earlier.

Telegraph - North Korea building secret ballistic missile submarine base

Sputnik- France to Send Aircraft Carrier to Aid Coalition Fight Against Daesh

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