Monday, July 18, 2016


The convention, which kicks off this morning, is sure to be filled with Trump’s style. Trump, his wife Melania, and children Donald, Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Tiffany, will each speak throughout the week. The themes of the party’s convention this year—normally a coronation for a run-of-the-mill ordinary Republican—will be anything but ordinary. Over each day will loom a Trumpian-phrased theme, like Monday’s “Make America Safe Again” or Tuesday’s “Make America Work Again.” Wednesday will be “Make America First Again” day, and on Thursday Republicans will celebrate the goal to “Make America One Again.”

Outsiders like Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Dr. Ben Carson and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn will be heralded and celebrated here, while crony-type D.C. insiders like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney—the failed 2012 GOP nominee—and failed 2008 GOP nominee Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) will be nowhere to be found.

Lobbyists aren’t welcome around the convention, and typical D.C. power-brokers are running as far away from Trump as possible. Trump, who has campaigned aggressively against these insiders, doesn’t want them here anyway. He even, just this week, called himself “so outside of the establishment” when he introduced his vice president. 


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