Wednesday, July 27, 2016


  1. Ronbo says:

  2. Thanks Victor and KG for the information about the Russian hits on our blogs.

  3. I’ll wager the source is Russian Intelligence, perhaps doing a continuing poll of blogs to determine man-on-the-street public opinion on the issue of rising nationalism in the West.

  4. I recall during the Cold War talking to this CIA analyst who told me one his jobs as an alleged diplomat in Moscow (He spoke Russian so well with a Moscow accent, the average Russian took him as one of them)…He’d hang out at various venues like bars dressed like a typical working guy sipping his beer – and just sit there and listen to the conversation. When he got back to the embassy, he’d read the transcripts of his fellow agents, and the CIA could put together a pretty good picture of how the average Russian was thinking about various topics….at least in Moscow.

  5. One more thing about the Russian hits: As near as I can determine they are not finding my blog by Google or any other search engine – they are coming directly to me.

  6. I guess I’m on Colonel Boris Badenoff’ of SMESH Favorite Blog List.

  7. I’m getting lots of Russian hits on this cartoonish fun article I wrote a year ago.

  8. Do you think they think I was being serious?

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