Sunday, August 28, 2016


Fred On Everything - Unrest breeds surprises. Maybe Louis XVI thought, “It can never happen here.” Today the African population of America is openly insurgent, the middle class sinks, jobs continue leaving under the stewardship of the rich, the government either will not or cannot enforce its laws, the borders are open, half of the country seethes in fury at the other half, and the sale of guns is at record heights. In this best of all possible worlds the wealthy buy homes for $100 million and sleep secure in their beds, knowing that only half of the country would love to hang them from lamp posts. Fly-over land doesn’t really matter anyway. Unless of course it does

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mainestategop said...

Insurgent Africans? I don't think so. Wasn't tht much diversity when I went to Occupy Wall street in Zuccoti Park. My friends on the left coast reported the same.

Its these insurgent Millenials, Muslims and Mexicans I'm worried about. That and the Brain Damaged Hildabeast Campaigning for office