Saturday, August 06, 2016


Two weeks into the latest hate fest by the Democommies, The RINOs and The Democrap Party Ministry of Propaganda - the object of the Great Hate - Donald Trump - has not resigned and is still getting record donations and attendance at his rallies!

As is well known, the Great Hate Offensive started the day the Democommies realized that the only way to get the Hildabeast elected was to destroy Trump. The major problem for them is tthe hardcore of Trump supporters don't give a shit what the Left says about The Donald - they will vote for him regardless.

Anyhow this is August - the Dog Days of August - when everyone is at the beach, or in the mountains - and no one paying attention. The money shot happens the last week in October when the undecided decide on who to vote for - and when your campaign is based nothing but hate and hiding from an arrest warrant - as is the Hildabeast - you ain't winning nothing.

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