Sunday, August 07, 2016

Hackober Surprise scheduled for the Hildabeast!

In an interview Friday with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange confirmed that he has more material on Hillary Clinton and let it be known that he’s not likely to sit on the information.


MikeH. said...

I could be very wrong here but I am of the opinion that the Hildabitch can feed babies to feral hogs on live television and never see a day in jail or a court. I just don't think Assange will have what it takes to keep the beast out of the white house.

Ronald Barbour said...

Yes, what you say may happen - the HildaBitch may become president - but what then?

The fly conquers the flypaper.

MikeH. said...

"... but what then?"

I can only hope that a whole lot of highly enlightened Americans will do the right thing.