Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Let’s say Donald Trump wins the election. And let’s say Democrats believe everything they say about him – that he’s the next Hitler. Wouldn’t President Obama be obligated to declare martial law and remain in power?

I realize this question sounds silly when you first hear it. But keep in mind that Democrats have successfully sold the “racist strongman” narrative about Trump to their own ranks. If they’re right about Trump, we need to start getting serious about planning for martial law, for the good of the country and the world. No one wants another Hitler. And if they’re wrong, we still need to plan for martial law because Democrats think they are right. That’s all it takes....


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Joe Blow said...

Declaring martial law and enforcing it are two different situations. Half or more of the local constabulary would defy Obama. Several prominent sheriffs have opposed him on immigration, gun laws, etc.

And let us not forget that there are about 310 million lawfully owned firearms in the US for 350 million people, as well as literally billions of rounds of ammo in private hands. Those are from .22 single shot rifles up to .50 sniper rifles and even Ma Deuce herself, other machine guns, RPG, mortars, and even young artillery, tanks and APC.

If the old Soviets decided the US was impossible to occupy because of the 2nd Amendment and Americans attitudes, why would Obama think he could get away with it?

In addition, there are over 20 million veterans in the US. Trained, many of them armed. It is doubtful that the US military would obey orders to enforce martial law, anyway, and Obama could not even try to enforce it in any other way. Federal police and paramilitary services? Child, please. Their combined efforts could not even control New York City, let alone an entire state, and the nation is an impossible dream.

Scott Adams is correct in that the liberal media is propagandizing crime to try and give credence to gun control. Statistics show that, since 1980, violent crime has been cut in half while private gun ownership has doubled. Even though there are fewer violent crimes, the media has increased coverage of crime by some 1,000 percent. By hyping crime they are trying to monger fear and are exposing their blatant leftist leanings. The liberal media, carefully educated by Marxist professors in journalism schools for the last 40 years or so, are going full out to try and get gun control and eventually disarmament passed into law.

They are also, I believe, hyping Hillary's poll numbers in an effort to try and rally the faithful and to demoralize the right into not voting. American needs another Reagan, but we're stuck with Trump. Trumps is far the lesser of two evils compared to Hillary, the elitist murder czar.