Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Democrats are still the party of slavery....

Not in Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Compton or any other Democratic slave-plantation.

The Democrats are still the party of slavery. They still exploit the Negro and other minorities to enrich themselves. These days the chains are called welfare dependency. The left makes it so easy for the Negro, illegals and other minorities to get on welfare and so hard to get off. They reward absentee fathers and welfare queen mothers by taking care of their illegitimate children; in effect, the government becomes the father and husband to the single welfare mom and her bastards. Then when the fatherless, welfare-reared children go to prison at an incredible rate, the left makes more money off them by building prisons in leftist districts and employing large numbers of unionized guards who will vote for the left and support, with union money, the reelections of leftists.

Democrats have gotten down slavery to a science and they are reaping huge rewards, much more than they reaped off the whipped backs of slaves in the antebellum South. They get to raise taxes, fear monger over crime to try and disarm the American public, race-shame the majority of Americans and then control more and more of the nation's wealth.

Simon Legree would be so proud if he were to be here today.

Not only have the Democrats managed to keep Negroes in economic slavery, they have set it up so that the majority in the inner cities will try to keep other Negroes in the fold just as crabs in a pot will grab those who try to escape and drag them back into the pot to boil. Inner city Blacks are, in effect, forging their own chains and those of their brothers and sisters and children. They teach their children not to snitch on drug dealers, gang bangers and murderers to the police. "Never trust Whitey" and all the other crap. Then they get upset when their kids are shot while robbing something and start shooting at the police. One guy said that his brother should not have been shot by police even though he had shot at the police while committing a felony. The police should have used a taser on him, says the brother.

Black Lives Matter is just an activist arm of the DNC. Those members are fools and themselves the most virulent sort of bigots.

If cops bust more Blacks, it is because Blacks commit crime far out of proportion to their own numbers. Something like 60% of violent crime is committed by less than 5% of the population (Black males between the ages of 16 and 50). That's 60% of all violent crime in a nation of 350 million being committed by less than 5% of the population. Since police funding is limited, you must put your efforts into the areas which give the most results for the dollar. If I knew that all red Corvettes, some 5% of all cars on the road, committed 60% of moving violations and caused 60% of all accidents thereby; - I, as a cop, am going to pay particular attention to any red Corvettes I may happen to see. They get increased scrutiny. Tango Foxtrot Sierra.

And in Milwaukee, the cop who shot the perp was Black, as is the police chief. Betcha didn't read that in the lamestream media.

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