Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I've said pretty much the same thing on my blog for over a year - to wit, the U.S. Civil War II will start no matter who wins in November.

The opponents are the Nationalists led by Trump (and others)and the Socialists led by Obama (and others) Like U.S. Civil War I - the great issues of the day will be settled not by an election, but rather by Iron And Blood. Lots of it. Mega deaths.


MikeH. said...

I'm not entirely convinced, Ron. There should have been some form of uprising, on behalf of nationalists, four years ago. But yet nada.

I can possibly see some "civil unrest" in a few major cities, should the Hildabitch lose, but nothing that would spark a race war or that might blossom into a full on civil war. I just can't help but believe it would take a whole lot more to pump up enough Americans for a fight.

Of course... I could be wrong.

Ronald Barbour said...

Nothing is inevitable, Mike - but let me ask you this -In September of 1860 did anyone North or South think civil war would break out because Lincoln was elected president? We see thru a glass darkly, but we both know how violent the Left today is - and add to that the plutocrats of the ruling class who stand to lose billions if Trump is elected. Finally, you do understand that the Left wants a revolution - In fact, they think a bloodbath is necessary before America can become completely socialist.

MikeH. said...

There was a huge difference between folks of the 1860's and now. They weren't fat, lazy, addicted to mind numbing electronic devices or morally bankrupt. Their children weren't subjected to the leftist education / indoctrination system that has turned our children into a pack of brainwashed budding Hitler Youth who adore the government and reject their own family. Those folks chose sides and aligned their common goals. Too many people today are too stupid to even realize they have rights or that those rights are being rewritten as privileges for pay.

I don't believe the right is vastly outnumbered by the left. I DO believe people on the right, like you and me, are vastly outnumbered by others on the right who won't step up when the bugle sounds. They will expect or assume a John Wayne type will ride in to save the day and relieve them of their need to serve. As for guys like us; we will no doubt end up like the second coming of the 7th Cavalry on the Little Bighorn... waiting for reinforcements that just ain't gonna show.