Friday, September 09, 2016



Instead of wholesale dismissals, all concerned should have been promoted. They managed to weed out an individual who would have gotten himself and his unit members killed in combat. If you can't take a little harassment in boot camp, how in hell will you handle the stress of combat? In combat, people are trying to kill you with bombs, bullets, and knives. If you can't handle being slapped across the chops how can you handle close combat in an urban setting? What will you do when, instead of a DI, it is a tall, hairy Taliban fighter coming at you with an AK and a fixed bayonet?

This sounds like a Gomer Pyle sort of slacker who was found out. His DIs weren't having any of his malingering. A good thing he killed himself now rather than bugging out as a coward in combat. My boot camp in the USMC was just as depicted in Full Metal Jacket. Sympathy was found in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. My DIs believe in the laying of hands. My Senior DI once kicked me in the ass so hard I was briefly airborne and landed on the flat of my back. My crime? Scratching in formation at the position of attention. He came over, put his size 17 boot on my chest, leaned down and said; "One day you'll be on patrol where you can't move. So I'm gonna break you of twitching in formation. Every time I catch you moving when you're supposed to be a fucking statue, I'm gonna kick you in the ass, just like that."

He broke me of that bad habit. Only took one lesson. I ain't stupid.

We had one recruit who tried to commit suicide with a double-edged razor blade. He failed and was sent off to hospital. After that, our DIs read us a lesson from a book on how to successfully kill yourself, and if you wanted to do so, you went to the DI's hut, signed out the duty razor blade, initialed that you had been told how to do it, then went and did it. Nobody tried after that kid.

What are we training up, a band of sissies? They can't take a little abuse at the hands of their DI but we expect them to perform valiantly in combat in Afghanistan and elsewhere?"

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