Monday, October 17, 2016


Trump is right: The game is rigged. Hillary is the Figurehead appointed by the Elites.

Monday Night Raw is a professional wrestling television program. Leaked documents from the show "[i]ndicate that professional wrestling is a rigged spectacle in which match outcomes are predetermined." Many will say ho hum; this is not news. Of course it's rigged. But many pro wrestling fans wil...


Joe Blow said...

Of COURSE the ballot will be rigged. Trump has already said he will jail the Clintons if he's elected. He is the only candidate with the chutzpah to hold them accountable. The RINOs fear him as they are sure he'll expose both parties perfidy. The RNC has accepted second place to the left in some sort of Faustian deal with the donkeys and they fear a rocked boat.

That's why I say throw them all out and start from scratch. Two-term limits except the senate which would be one term. And they could not accept jobs as lobbyists or any other government function once their term is completed. No retirement pay, as being a politician should not be a career. No special medical plans, as they can use Obamacare or, if they are veterans, the VA system. I wonder how long it would take to fix the VA and Social Security if Congress had to depend on both?

I want a special department of the FBI created which does nothing except look for political corruption. I want congress so afraid of that department that they will not accept so much as a happy meal from a lobbyist. Hanging two or three on the Capitol Lawn should get their attention. Lobbyists would not be allowed to fund "fact-finding junkets". If it's important, the congress members can ride in the jump seats in the back of a USAF cargo jet. Lobbyists can provide INFORMATION ONLY. Not a cup of coffee, not a single french fry and definitely no sex or parties. We didn't elect them to drink and screw whores (both male and female) on our dime. No member of congress can run for election for president until they have been out of congress for as long as they were in.

Political candidacies will be financed by the People only. The limit on donations would be $100 per person per election per candidate. No corporate or group (including union) donations allowed and no organization may try to coerce donations in any way, shape or form. The RNC and DNC may coordinate but they may NOT fund any candidate or issue. Voter ID is mandatory as are the qualification for getting an ID.

Maybe then we can have a halfway honest election.

Knowingly committing or aiding a fraud in an election, or attempting intimidation should be a capital offense with public executions mandatory.

Ronald Barbour said...

The thing is Joe, what you propose will not happen without a civil war and a blood purge - French Revolution style of all the major institutions of American life. In the American Revolution the Patriots did not use freedom of speech and elections to drive the British Army and the Tory traitors out of America. "Iron & Blood" my friend - IRON AND BLOOD!