Tuesday, October 04, 2016


art-remus-ident-04.jpg The Tea Party and the Alt-Right are surface expressions of something neither of them fully capture, momentary flecks in a pyroclastic flow. The Tea Party, classically activist, was the last polite grievance by a now largely defunct middle class. Ignored and betrayed by turns, it metamorphosized into the Alt-Right, classically territorial, kickers-in of doors, fronted by berserkers talented at holing the enemy. It sows confusion and fear by being everywhere and nowhere in a merry game of whack-a-mole, most visibly the Pepe meme, after Kek, the frog god of chaos in ancient Egypt.

Just as the Tea Party expanded and metamorphosized into the Alt-Right, so too is the Alt-Right expanding and metamorphosizing. The game is afoot. With ominous groans and shuddering the worm is turning, shaking off the dust of a century and alarming the apparatchiks. Whether the collectivists retreat, attack or go mad is of no lasting consequence. The "business not quite as usual" of the Trumpists will be the good old days of their future.

When a movement grows in size and influence as fast as Alt-Right has, it means most of it was in place long before public notice by our keepers. When the mainstream feels compelled to notice, i.e., trash, its ideas it suggests more disquiet than they'll confess, and when its ideas are denounced before they even rise to general notice, it reveals fear akin to panic.

Conditions are right and opportunities are plentiful for the Alt-Right to become the major force in America and Europe. The counterattack will be ferocious of course, but it'll be one ham-handed blunder after another, the Alt-Right has consistently been a step or three ahead of the dull-witted and much despised "establishment". Crowds are forming up. Historic times have arrived.

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