Saturday, November 19, 2016




MikeH. said...

Realistically, what other response could Pence have expected from the liberal dominated "entertainment" industry? This is the same crew of ass wipes who refused to use musket props during the Tony Awards performance after the mass shooting in Orlando back in June. Add to that, the ongoing protests by the anti Trump liberal fuck-dummies, I'm amazed Pence or Trump even venture out in public venues.

As for boycotting "Hamilton", I'm onboard 100%. But then, I refuse to watch or purchase pay per view programing or patronize theaters showing films that star uber liberal douche bags. Get patriots onboard with that challenge and see how quick the enema nozzles shut up.

Ronald Barbour said...

I have to disagree with you, Mike! Pence is the vice president elect of the USA and should be treated with the same respect as any other high elected official, regardless of his politics. Obama and Biden were treated with respect by patriots, although we strongly disagree with their politics.

In the Army as a young sergeant I refused to salute an officer who was very much disliked by the troops. The base Command Sergeant Major saw what happened and ordered me into his office.

"Why didn't you salute Major Johnson, sergeant?"

"Because CSM, he's a horse's ass and petty tyrant hated by every NCO in his battalion. We had an NCO call. We all agreed not to salute him. He doesn't deserve the salute. We want him relieved of duty."

"The thing is sergeant in this man's army we salute the rank, not the man."

Words of wisdom.

MikeH. said...

Ron, we both know how it SHOULD be and we both know how people with normal sensibilities would have acted. But we are talking about a bunch of fuck-knuckles who have been indoctrinated into the world of goosestepping, mindless liberals who have no respect for anything or anyone other than themselves. We also know how hard Soros is striving to make life suck for the Trump crew and the wildfire effect it is having on those who would otherwise "suffer in silence".

It is no national security secret that there have been numerous patent threats made against Trump and damn near everyone associated with him. It isn't too far fetched to believe some socialist scumbag, inspired by the Soros tough talk, may try to make good on those threats. SO... it stands to reason that if Pence willingly walks into a den of lepers, chances are he is going to catch a dose of leprosy. I suppose it could have been worse.

Ronald Barbour said...

Well, Mike what was done was done: Pence showed the flag and got disrespected big time for it by the Left. I agree that were it you or me in the same position wr wouldn't have gone to such an obvious racist Leftist propaganda play - especially with a ticket price of about $1,000 a couple; however, the affair doesn't end here - Twitter has become wonderfully alive with righteous patriot rage.

There will be paybacks.

Also, the Left is looking more and more like pathetic losers with no hope of regaining lost ground when the smoke clears.