Saturday, December 24, 2016


Mariah Carey stupid quote

You've seen it. A celebrity stares solemnly into the camera and declares Donald Trump unqualified to be president. Hold on. What do they mean, "unqualified"? If they mean "ineligible", as they'd apparently have us believe, they've either been grievously misinformed or they're attempting to foist some devious parsing on us.

Article II of the Constitution requires he be a natural born citizen, thirty-five years old, resident in the United States for at least fourteen years. Mr. Trump meets these qualifications handily, unlike the unvetted former foreign student elected to the Presidency, you remember, the one who was immediately removed from office when his Social Security number came from a state he never lived in and his birth certificate was discovered to be a third-rate forgery . Oh wait.
But there's more. The Twenty-Second Amendment says Mr. Trump is not qualified, i.e., is ineligible, if he was elected to the presidency previously for two terms. Nope, he's clean. Article I says he can't be president if he was convicted in impeachment. Nope. The Fourteenth Amendment disqualifies him if he took an oath to support the Constitution then supported the Confederacy during the unpleasantness of 1861 - 1865. Nope, but they're still checking.

So they mean to say "unfit". Not unfit in the sense he's a drooling psycho with advanced leprosy, but in the sense his notions of governance are not their notions of governance. They'll be disappointed to learn there's no requirement he defer to their notions. We have elections to decide such things. Let's check. Yep. Everything looks to be in order.


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