Friday, December 16, 2016


War Pig

I know there are some very dedicated people who work at the various VA facilities. However, they are few and far between. Most don;t give a damn either way and a few are really bad. I've had experience in 9 different VA Medical Centers over a quarter of a century and some.

If you have common, easily-treatable conditions that are not life threatening, they're usually okay (there are exceptions). However, if you require specialty care or care that has a waiting list, or anything even semi-complicated or in the least bit questionable area you can die in a VA facility and they will try their best to cover up their complicity.

As proof, here is yet another example of VAMC culpability. A veteran died in their care. They got tired of looking at him in the hall with a sheet draped over his face so they hid him in an unused shower area - and promptly forget about him. Only when the odor of decomposing human in the Florida climate alerted them did they relocate this poor, lost veteran.

And of course, the absolutely first order of business was to begin the coverup.

There should be NO union for VA employees or any governmental employee. Period. If GIs who are forced to kill or die can't unionize, then federal civilian workers do not need unions. The President and Secretary of Veterans Affairs need the power to fire on the spot in these cases. Only a review board to judge culpability is necessary to make sure it is not a mere political firing. I am willing to bet nobody will lose their job, paychecks or benefits over this.

And that is just sad. Veterans who go do our bidding, then if they come back at all, come back missing limbs or eyes and riddled with PTSD deserve a whole lot better. People in congress who would not know which end of an M4 carbine is the dangerous end, and who would soil themselves if a gun went off within half a mile of them, have great healthcare and cushy benefits., If any member of congress was treated in such a manner there would be wholesale firings and Congressional hearings and budget consequences. But for the soldier? BLEEP 'em, appears to be the attitude. They're like soldier ants, handy to have around to protect the colony but totally replaceable and disposable.

You'll notice MSNBC, CNN, ABC, etc aren't running this story, either.

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