Saturday, January 14, 2017


Seattle is a far Left Democrat dominated city at all levels of government - a city that voted over 94% for Hillary Clinton last November - a city with a police department that has been neutered by Obama's Department of Justice - a city called by the few Republicans within the city limits "The Seattle Soviet - It simply boggles the mind there is a homeless problem with thousands of "rugged urban outdoorsmen and women" sleeping in the below freezing temperatures in doorways all over Capitol Hill!

I mean Seattle Leftists tell us Republicans over and over and over they have a "big heart" and love the "down and out" - and show that love giving away uncounted millions in taxpayer money- most of it from GOP taxpayers - to solve the homeless problem.

However, this government altruism above and beyond the call of the most jaded Social Justice Warrior has still left the streets of Capitol Hill and downtown Seattle littered with hardy urban outdoorspeople alone in the cold windy nights.

What to do? I'd say we need some individual Leftist compassion from the property owners and renters in Seattle. Yes, the time has come to "Adopt A Rugged Urban Outdoorsperson" and bring them out of the cold into the warm, upscale apartments and homes of Politically Correct Capitol Hill!

Indeed, the residents of Capitol Hill - especially Democrats -must set the EXAMPLE for the less compassionate and Republican Trump loving sections of Seattle like Downtown and Belltown, where arrogant and wealthy Trumpists in red "Make America Great Again" baseball caps never give a rugged urban outdoorsman more than a lousy dollar and tell them its their fault they live on the street and shiver in the cold Northwest winter.

So Capitol Hillians of Seattle unite and invite one, two, or three rugged urban outdoorsmen and women into your well appointed pad for the winter - and also invite them to breakfast, lunch and dinner on your dime everyday. These bearded and hardy survivors of the road make wonderful house guests and will tell you heart warming stories of their many battles for a warm place to sleep and a free meal.

In fact, your winter guests - dressed now in your warm winter clothes - may enjoy your well appointed house or apartment on Capitol Hill with its great view so much they'll never want to leave - but will ask you morning, noon, and night for "some change" and tell you to restock the grocery shelves in the kitchen.

Leftist city, record millions spent on homelessness equals more homelessness.

By Brandon Gustafson, UW News Lab / Special to CHS The mayor’s homelessness czar gave an update this week on progress made in Seattle’s plans to do more than offer shelter to homeless p…

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