Tuesday, January 31, 2017


The Left Turd "Seattle Slimes" has a bad case of the shits over Trump's ban of Muslims, which is legal. BTW, SPD, shut down the light rail stops at SEATAC before the demonstrations start at the airport and keep the paying customers away from their flights.


......closure of the SeaTac/Airport Station, at the request of Port of Seattle security officials, as pro-immigration demonstrators tried to reach the airport.

Supervisors in the train control center, operated by Metro, will continue to comply with police requests to interrupt service. But requests that are protest-related will be sent to the agency executives, who Rogoff said will seek “a meeting of the minds” with law enforcement, about whether real threats exist. Such rapid, high-level talks, in theory, may reduce the length of a disruption.

Protest protocol

“In the event of protest activity, requests from law enforcement to suspend service will be honored, but will also be immediately elevated to (Metro Transit General Manager) Rob Gannon and myself to ensure that appropriate due diligence will be done to ascertain whether there is a meaningful safety and security threat.” — Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff
“We just want to make sure our transit services are not being used to suppress participation in a peaceful demonstration,” Rogoff said, emphasizing he does not accuse the Port of seeking to breach First Amendment rights.

More on immigration order


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