Saturday, February 25, 2017


Safe Space.


paul scott said...

haha. I often wonder where these girls live [ which State ]. The buildings shown look pretty rural the roof looks like rusty corrugated iron.

Ronald Barbour said...

The author of the cartoon - Chris Muir - lives in Indian Harbor Beach, Florida; however, the current scene of this cartoon is in South Texas on the Mexican border.

The storyline is the main characters are living on a large ranch, where they fight "battles" with the Feds and illegal aliens.

Also, they own a BBQ bar and grill where the girls work with wearing few clothes to encourage maximum tips and heavy drinking.

paul scott said...

ahha I am going there. I have found that taking on board, and enhancing the glory of the intended insults of "Redneck and Fascist' a blinder. I say to the liberals who accuse on internet, "Yes the South Island is having our monthly Redneck and Fascist meeting next Wednesday, you should come. Bring whisky and obedient girl.