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Our Animal House

I had one of those sad Berkeley days. I did errands around town, and beheld the tragedy that is Berkeley, Oakland, and the like.

I needed to do some business near Gilman and Eastshore Freeway. If you’re ever in town, take a drive over there. The area personifies the horror that is Berkeley.

At Gilman, there is what is called a “homeless encampment.” This translates into a lot of druggies and dealers, drifters, and runways, as well as psychotics, living and sleeping out in the wild. They live in tents, set up illegal electricity, and light fires, to keep warm, cook food, and smoke crank.

Note here that Oakland recently had a catastrophic fire, where 36 young people perished at a rave; so this situation on Gilman is an extreme public hazard. It’s dangerous to the people who live and work nearby; to those driving on the nearby freeway; as well as those brave souls who shop around there (Office Depot, Whole Foods, and various other shops and restaurants are located nearby) 

This is not the first tent city; it won’t be the last. For about 1 1/2 years, a group of homeless camped out right next door to the US Post Office in downtown, until finally they were given the boot. It can take forever and a day for such encampments to be forced out by the skittish, politically correct politicians.

Part of the problem, as always, is the citizenry around here, who vote for and support the very behavior that puts all of us at risk. In fact, Berkeley just voted in an even more liberal mayor than before, if that is even possible. So even though the tent cities are a real and pressing public hazard, nothing is done about it.

I just don’t know what is more bizarre: grown adults living in squalid conditions, drugging themselves up all day — or a (very rich) area allowing this. And these same people living in filth consider it better than the alternative: that is, returning from where they came and getting jobs. . or the mentally ill enjoying the three meals a day, warm beds, and a huge welcome mat rolled out for them by the omnipresent local social services. . . or the addicted getting free treatment on the public’s dime. But then again. .the street people would have to play by the rules, something anathema to them.

It’s always been bad around here. . but nothing like lately. And getting worse by the day. One friend says that she’s seen a much more aggressive vibe since marijuana was legalized in November. Another friend, “Alexis,” added, “A super leftist area like this is just going to get worse and worse and worse over time.”

So true. One has to wonder, though: how low will this area and its people fall??
* *

Speaking of which, I should tell you of what I saw a week ago. I was shopping at a grocery chain in south Berkeley. 

On the check out line, I saw a twenty-something girl dressed as a rabbit. She was wearing a furry outfit with a tail. It wasn’t like a child’s pajamas. . I mean, this was a true blue bunny costume, fitting for day wear. It was bizarre.

Later, I spoke to Alexis, a woman always in the know. She said that it’s part of a trend out of San Francisco, gaining popularity every day. They even had a recent convention in SF, called Fur Con.

People dress up as animals and (brace yourself) gather together for sexual behavior that involves pens (for the pigs) and other perverse behavior. There are community orgies, as well as private stalls. Many of the members actually believe they are animals and play the role in public (hence, the woman in the rabbit outfit).

Alexis said that she recently saw a young man walking down University Avenue dressed as a dog. It’s almost all young white females and males who engage in this twisted lifestyle . . . this isn’t surprising since most liberal, young whites have come to hate themselves. No wonder they think they are only suitable for pig pens and cages. 

But in my mind, it gets even scarier than Fur Con and the other Animal House sightings of the Bay Area. Next up on the progressive playlist will likely be promoting bestiality. Why not? Homosexuality, polyamory, and transgendered surgery/hormones have managed to become as acceptable as Mom’s apple pie.

We can trace all of this animalism to what was once called Darwin’s “Theory” of evolution. Apparently, Darwin pitched the idea as a possibility, not a probability. As I understand it, he refuted most of it on his death bed. But obviously the idea has stuck, and any scientist brave enough to argue with the Establishment sees his career go up in smoke. (1)

If we’re all just beasts, simply less hairy baboons, why not “do it in the road” or at homeless encampments? Why not trash public property, dress as animals and engage in public orgies; why not ingest unlimited amounts of drugs and drink? And why care about anyone else — why even care about oneself, one’s body, one’s precious life?
* *

I could go on and on and on with what I witness every day. . but I’ll just add one more for the record: how almost every female around here is covered with tattoos. While a tattooed lady used to be a popular freak show attraction at the circus (remember that?), now it’s a rare female around here that hasn’t mutilated herself.
I’m not talking about a teeny-weeny tattoo of a little butterfly on the ankle. I’m talking about tattoos all over the arms and legs, chest, neck, back. There are also the septum piercings through the middle of the nose, African-style ear lope piercings, as well as facial spikes. 

Yeah, the guys are tattooed all over as well. But there is something particularly disturbing about seeing all of these cartooned-adorned ladies. While tattoos used to be the sign of a gang banger or a convict, now they are mainstream.

But tattooes are incredibly painful. They are disfiguring. They require hundreds of needles, and can be outright dangerous. And females are not supposed to accept and crave pain.

I suppose that painful bodily assaults can now be tolerated by women because they are not really women any more. They are tough and rough. . desensitized by their lifestyle (abortions, promiscuous sex, rapes, etc. etc.) I can’t even remember the last time I saw a little girl carrying a dolly around — maybe decades? 

With no role models for femininity in sight, the women are indistinguable from the men. So they can join the military, where they can get their legs blown off in combat; they can engage in sadomasochistic sexual practices (also popular around here); they can mutilate themselves through tattoos or piercings or maybe even removal of their chests to become a “man.” And a totally insane culture calls all of this “freedom.”
* *

All of the above is happening in clear sight.. . with rarely a negative word being spoken. Young adults get their bodies burned to death at an Oakland rave; dangerous encampments exist in full view of multi-million dollar homes; young people dress up as animals and have group relations in cages. 

It’s happening here in droves, because this is the belly of the beast. But it’s happening other places as well. National Geographic just ran a story on the new “gender revolution” of gender confused children spreading like wildfire. 

Berkeley is the testing ground, and has been for many decades now, probably since the Frankfurt School set up shop at the University of California, Berkeley in the l930s. (2) If the hypnotic programming works here, it is unleashed onto your neighborhood as well.

I suppose that the horror show that I see every day is the logical outcome of a culture that has lost its moorings from God — and, consequently, has lost its mind. We have moved so far beyond the depravity of Sodom and Gomorrah that the sky’s the limit. 

As always, there is a clear winner here. It is not you nor is it me. It certainly isn’t our young people, who are being used and abused and treated more viciously than any laboratory rat.

The winner is the diabolical one, that source of all that is destructive and degrading and base. And it is he who wins when a once proud people are degraded down, down, down, to the very bottom of the underworld, into the animal kingdom and beyond.

(1) There’s a great documentary by Ben Stein,
No Intelligence Allowed, about how any scientist that disagrees with the evolutionary point of view gets the Saul-Alinsky treatment (that is, ridiculed, marginalized, ostracized).
(2) The Frankfurt School was a multidisciplinary group of atheist Jewish intellectual Marxists in Germany, who were forced out of the country by Hitler. Some went to Columbia, but the vast majority set up shop at the University of California, Berkeley.
One of them stated that the school’s goal was corrupting the West so much that it “stinks.” From what I see everyday, the members exceeded even their wildest expectations.

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