Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Those Aggressive Progressives

by Robin

The American public has spoken. A legitimate, democratic election has been held, and Donald Trump has been elected. How have the “peace loving, tolerant” progressives responded to losing the White House?

Have they been disappointed, but understanding. . . able to recognize that life doesn’t always give one what we want? Have they formed groups to try to figure out where they have gone wrong; that is, why much of the country has voted them out?
Or. . have many become violent anarchists, setting fires in some of the cities, attacking the police, and triggering mass hysteria?

We all know the answer — the latter. As usual.

It is crazy around here, as extreme as I’ve ever seen it: mass insanity, like in a cult. Residents are inconsolable, terrified, organizing support groups and seeing counselors. Schools are cancelling classes, so students can march around town screaming and disrupting and frightening drivers and passers-by. Freeways are being occupied, inconveniencing and agitating the already stressed-out drivers. And little children are sobbing in their public schools, because some of their parents (and teachers) are telling them that a really evil man has been elected President.

None of this is surprising for any of us who have studied the Left’s tactics. The Left works by agitating and frightening people, so that they can control them; they manipulate young people to protest and occupy freeways, thereby putting their bodies at grave risk; they pay the homeless and the thugs to riot and add a particularly menacing and violent presence to the whole, twisted affair. 

To me what is particularly tragic is not just that so many people are acting like uncivilized brutes, wrecking havoc on businesses and citizens simply because they didn’t get their way. What is especially disturbing is how much of the populace excuses and enables the antisocial behavior.

Speak to almost anyone about the riots and violence, and they’ll say, “Well, people are angry, and they have a right to be.” As though it is perfectly acceptable in a civilized nation for people to unleash their primitive impulses on other people and their property because they are upset. Even more horrifying, many of these same Berkeley residents will excuse mayhem reaped on their own loved ones, even their children.

I suppose that one good aspect of the Left’s explosive, post-election behavior is that much of the country gets to behold what the Democratic Party has turned into. While the Democratic Party, under President Kennedy, may have comprised mostly patriotic liberals, for decades now, it has been hijacked by the most extreme elements of the radical Left.

And this is on full display in Berkeley, Oakland, LA, and other areas where the aggressive progressives are showing their true colors: not the movement of love and kindness, but one of insurrection. And, consequently, lots of people in this country right now feel greatly relieved that the radicals won’t be in power for very much longer.

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