Monday, March 27, 2017


It would appear that more than one Rightist is listening to Rush Limbaugh when it comes to Leftist Media interviews - If you really must talk to them tape the interview and publish the tape/and/or transcript. This is called CYA in the military - Cover Your Ass.

Scott Pelley embarrassed himself in a 60 Minutes segment about "fake news" despite having the final cut on a hostile interview with Mike Cernovich.


paul scott said...

Very interesting to hear Cernovich preparation for the interview. [ Moylyneus interview ] Nothing special, but solid skills.
1/ Know your stuff
2/ Take the high ground and lead from the front
3 / Dress rehearse the outcome. Visualise
4/ Present self well, speak well, and refuse to be placed on back foot.

Cernovich is an interesting character, with big energy .

paul scott said...

Yes further. Cernovich does not apologise for slight hesitations. It is him thinking his way through. The idea is Think, breathe, Speak. .
Our movement is making great strides