Thursday, March 30, 2017


Dear Captain Zero, those troops of yours sure do look pretty, but can they shoot? How are they at “combat in urban areas?” Do they know the right flank from the left flank? Can they read a military map? Do know how to do fire and maneuver? How about maintenance of their weapons? Do they know how to clear a blockage in the chamber under fire? Do they have a combat zero on their weapons. How’s their first aid? Do they know to treat a chest wound? etc., etc. I know 25  million veteran patriots who know Infantry 101 and are waiting to have a go at disorganized Leftist white militias like yours and their black knuckle dragging gang banger allies of the BLM, who keep blowing their feet off trying to load their guns. Plus 1.5 million regular Army and Marines who are lean, mean fighting machines, not to mention excellent professional backup from the Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard plus National Guard plus The Ready Reserve. Captain Zero you need to read, "The Charge of The Light Brigade" because the valley of death at hands of professional war fighters is where you are head.

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