Friday, March 10, 2017


So you still don't believe the NYT is commie. Well, just take a look at the two pictures below. Dear NYT - this not 1937 and this not the Soviet Union under Stalin.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Have you seen any stories about the Russians hacking the elections? It’s gone, and so is the New York Times headline from the January 20th story with “wiretaps.” They have gone back and they have changed it. “Wiretaps” is not in that headline anymore. I’ll have the details on this. There’s also two polls out there. Folks, this is big. This is exactly… I am convinced that we played a role in this. Not just yesterday, but in days in the past. Many people have, and Trump’s the actual reason why.

When he lobbed that tweet back that the Obama administration had him under surveillance, that’s when they had to let it go. And Matt Taibbi, who’s extreme liberal; Rolling Stone has a piece out today warning the Democrats saying you better be careful here, because you might get what you want, which is an investigation into what you’ve been doing. He’s warning them to walk this back and stop reporting on this with all these unnamed sources, that you’re setting yourselves up for a big fail.

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paul scott said...

The left are so arrogant and insane that they have walked thier traitor islamobama into this. Keep the hared news up Ron. Your country and mine, our freedom is at stake. Islamobama in jail. Released short term on Sundays for two hours to shoe shine Trump's boots