Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Trump gives Obama and his medical plan the Irish bum's rush to the door sign!

Facebook ^ | Dick Morris

Dick Morris says what I have said for a couple of weeks. Obamacare really has been killed, and no one noticed.

Trump told the IRS not to enforce the "individual mandate." That is the essential coercive element. No mandate, no O-care. Morris said he did this last week---in fact, I heard more than four weeks ago that the IRS was NOT enforcing this and just assumed it came from Trump.

Second, the requirement that you buy from an "approved" insurance company---Trump waived that as well by telling HHS to approve any policy as "qualifying."

Yes, some of the subsidies and other crap remains, but the individual mandate---which the USSC upheld---is gone and so is the other coercive mechanism.

And nobody noticed.

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