Tuesday, April 18, 2017


How Many People Actually Feel ‘White Guilt’?

The efforts of the “Social Justice Warriors” don’t appear to be working, survey data show.

One of the most persistent tropes on the racial right is that the major cultural institutions in the United States aggressively push a story of white guilt. The media and the education system—from pre-K to postgraduate—are the most frequent targets of this accusation, though increasingly churches are also charged with being strongholds of the “Social Justice Warriors.”


The American Conservative                       

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paul scott said...

I heard a bloke talking to Stefan Molyneux last night. A white man who seriously intended to marry a Filipino SJW aggressive girl from Vancouver who said that white people [men] were posion. It doesn’t get more sad and beta than that.
I could see Molyneux trying to work how long it would be before the poor devil committed suicide. It was too awful to listen to.
I wondered to myself how this global self hatred SJW identity disease spread around the world, and having just caught it , whether we in New Zealand have another decade or so to live in its fetid swamp.