Saturday, April 01, 2017


It's like we learned in the military the hard way - For a campaign on the ground to be successful you must have complete air superiority - or you lose it, as the enemy makes short work of your ground troops. I would submit the German military experience in WW II - When they had air superiority over the battlefield they won a string of victories. In 1943 on both the Eastern and Western Fronts they lost control of the air and they were defeated in all their battles. I submit the same thing is true of the bloodless civil war we are fighting with the Left - they have lost "air superiority" over the battlefield AND THEY ARE LOSING BATTLE AFTER BATTLE.!

The little Leftist UW professor understands, but the rest of the hive haven't got the message.

A University of Washington professor started studying social networks to help people respond to disasters. But she got dragged down a rabbit hole of twitter-boosted…

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