Friday, May 19, 2017


All the work of the Democrats/Progressives – In Orlando, Florida – for example – The Republicans on the city council were able to allow speakers to talk in favor or against “Johnny Reb” a statue of a Confederate soldier in Lake Eola Park near the downtown. This statue had stood at that site overlooking downtown Orlando for well over 100 years and was a landmark – and the focal point for many pictures you see of that park.

However, as it turned out, during the council meeting where Orlando citizens spoke 3 to 1 in favor of keeping the beloved Johnny Reb only one vote actually counted – that of the corrupt Democrat mayor.

So Johnny Reb is gone to an uncertain fate…something that is happening all over the South.


I would refer you to “1984” by George Orwell – the infamous “Memory Hole” where Big Brother sent all of yesterday’s history for destruction: "HE WHO CONTROLS THE PAST, CONTROLS THE PRESENT, HE WHO CONTROLS THE PRESENT CONTROLS THE FUTURE.”

Yes, today our little home grown Bolsheviks are going after the statues and monuments of things past, but at some point they will start burning the books – starting with the history books – then the movies – then the television programs -and finally they start burning people like us who disagree with them.

It’s good to be an old man or woman – I smile when I think the worst case for me is to lose a few years of often painful elderly life, but I feel sorry for the young ones who have no future in the Oceania I see being built lie by lie.

Although a fight currently waged against metal and mortar, the glee attending the left's dismantling of New Orleans's Confederate statuary has taken on the stink of bloodlust. Down go the statues of Beauregard, Davis, and Lee; up come the cries for those of Jackson, Washington, and Jefferson to fol...

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