Wednesday, May 31, 2017


It is Anglo-Saxon Western Men who have built empires, won wars, cleared fields and roads, built cabins and cathedrals, envisioned the atom, rescued women from burning buildings, protected their families, painted the great works of art, captured and tamed electricity, written the timeless works of literature, directed films that changed for the better the way we see ourselves, and perfected indoor plumbing, refrigeration and general anaesthesia—arguably the three greatest improvements of the past hundred years. This is still, and always has been, a man’s world. The solution is determining that you are going to reclaim your place in it no matter what any woman or currently installed political system might say.

I’m calling for a revolution, and unlike any that came before this one must begin from within, because I don’t think the problems we face are going to be solved by politics.

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paul scott said...

I'm in, it will be individuals as group forming a new cultural Nation. Like the civil war before, which is why I despise mad mad Lincoln, who prosecuted the war to force the Southern States into the federation of tarrifs.