Tuesday, May 30, 2017


John Trudel shared a link.
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It’s increasingly embarrassing to have to tell people I’m from Oregon. Here is the latest.
Note that there are credible reports that this type of crazy violence is being orchestrated by “AntiFa,” the Soros Funded domestic terrorists who shut down Berkley. In this case they take crazy people, spool them up, and set them loose to cause carnage. Like #ISIS, they inspire “lone wolf” attacks in public places. But the real story is how the #FakeNewsMedia assists this.
These groups ...are violent domestic terrorists. Both #AntiFa and #BlackLivesMatter should be so declared. This one is just a crazy.
P.S. I do have a Face Book page, and can confirm the Jeremy creature is still there as of today. Here is what is posted on his FB page:
“I'm an Ex-Con. I Like Comix, Cannabis and Metal-In Any Combination. If you are an Employer, Fuck Off.”
John D. Trudel
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Amazing story.
Jeremy Christian - who says that's his "Christian name" not his real name - is being widely portrayed as a white supremacist Trump supporter who murdered two good samaritans on the MAX. The Portland Mercury, here, posts videos of him at a Free Speech rally in Portland, surrounded by police, caped in 1776 flag, ranting racist comments, making a Nazi salute, but omits him getting booted out by the Trumpist right-wing free-speechers. A blogger comments here.
The real story is more complex and, shall we say, diverse.
He's actually, in addition to being certifiably mad, a socialist and Bernie supporter. And, yes, a racist. The real story here is what the media is going to do with his story. Interestingly, his Facebook acct is being left open. I don't FB, so I can't confirm.
His explanation of his actions at the Free Speech rally is perverse - he intended to portray them as fascists for suppressing his free speech at their rally.
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“#Antifa #SorosRiots #DishonestMedia #FakeNewsMedia #portlandstabbing #portlandattack #OregonStandoff #KorruptKate #MAGA #LiberalFacism https://t.co/GzfptEeTSr

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