Monday, June 12, 2017


The American Left has become Stalinist.

President Trump has a target on his back - He represents The Tea Party Revolution that will in time overthrow them.

Since about 2005 the moderates have departed the Democrat Party, and the only ones remaining are hate filled totalitarian monsters screaming for the blood of the opposition.

The Left thinks by removing by murder, or dirty legal dealings President Trump they will have clear sailing to a Communist utopia, but if Trump is assassinated by a Leftist, or removed by the Stalinists in the legal system, the dogs of civil war will be upon this land once again.

Shakespeare in the Park's "contemporary" take on 'Julius Caesar' depicts the Trump-like character being graphically stabbed.


paul scott said...

Hoping to travel Amtrak LA to Buffalo next month. See my daughter in pansy Canada.
I will be on the watch for Patriots to shake hands with and tell them of our support.

Ronald Barbour said...

Have you ever been aboard, AMTRAK?

American passenger trains are terrible: They are slow, the food is terrible, the seats are uncomfortable and there are lots of breakdowns. The passenger trains of 50 years old were better. In a two words: AMTRAK (Government railroads) sucks!

Take a plane to Buffalo...